I have

Alzheimer's -

what shall I do?

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I. Remain calm.

Even if the worst happens you will have at least 15 years. In any case, additional stress will be a hindrance.

II. Consult your doctor and ask:

- What is the disease progresses at this moment?

- What is the treatment recommended? How does it affect?

- What was the impact to the development of the disease?

- What does the doctor recommend concerning nutrition, etc.?

These questions will allow you to bring the situation under control. To understand what is happening and what could trigger the disease, therefore, exclude it from your life.

III. Use additional alternative therapies.

Despite the fact that medicine currently has not found the answer to Alzheimer's disease because of many objective reasons, there are many studies, the results of which may be useful.

IV. Conduct a preparatory stage for treatment.

Many people make a common mistake when hope for a miraculous effect form a magic pill that is irrelevant particularly in Alzheimer's disease, because a) the miracle drug has not yet been developed; b) the organ affected by the disease is not still well studied.

It should be understood that no matter what the disease is, the success depends not only on the doctor. The doctor is doing everything possible to save your life and health. You also must do everything possible to save your life and preserve health.

During the course of (medical) treatment, you will need not only to follow all doctor's prescriptions, but also to try to help your body to cope with the disease.

1. Study the features of the brain and memory. To be informed is the main task.

2. Scientists have established the usefulness of the active lifestyle.

John J. Ratey, MD, Harvard Medical School: "Physical exercises influence primarily the brain, and only then the body. They control the mood, level of energy and care, general sense of well-being."

Walk in the fresh air, do sport.

Your body begins to synthesize serotonin and dopamine - the substances responsible for the sensation of calmness, happiness and even euphoria, as well as improve the efficiency of the brain. Oxygen is simply necessary for the normal functioning of the whole body and the brain in particular. Research shows that the cognitive abilities of a person increase by 10-15% immediately after exercise.

3. Healthy nutrition.

We are what we eat and drink. With all the diseases the first thing that a doctor recommends is a special diet and nutrition.

Remember about tasty and useful vitamins, fruits and vegetables can perform miracles. Be sure to include goodies for the brain

- products that contain vitamins B, C, E and K, Omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, selenium and phosphorus:

- Garlic (accelerates blood circulation and helps to supply oxygen, 2-3 cloves per day improves memory);

- Nuts, walnuts especially (vitamins B, E, fatty acids, amino acids, zinc, magnesium);

- Honey (glucose positively effects memory)

- dried fruits

- Seaweed

- whole grains

- lemons

- green vegetables (iron, B6 and B12 and folic acid help to strengthen memory and are an excellent prevention of Alzheimer's)

- fish.

When compiling a diet you should consult your doctor and a nutritionist as well as eliminate the foods which can cause allergic.

4. Calmness.

Stress is the source of most health problems. In everyday life, it is very difficult to avoid it, but it is quite possible to control and mitigate its effects on the body.

Yoga, meditation, nature, pleasant calm emotions, time for solitude, spa treatments, including massages, are excellent tools to combat stress!

5. Healthy sleep.

Having made the above adjustments to your life, you activate the main thing - the reserve forces of the body. Proper nutrition and the active lifestyle, best contribute to strong and healthy sleep, during which your body will fight the disease.

6. Exercise your mind.

It is the most significant item. Alzheimer's disease is linked directly to the brain, and its practice is the basement of the success. In clinics and hospitals, doctors always recommend the patients with neurodegenerative diseases to solve crosswords and puzzles.

Scientists long time ago found out the most interesting and effective means of the brain development, enhancing memory and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.

When it comes to Alzheimer's disease, these methods become more important.

7. Complex.

Each individual element is effective, as in the complex efficiency increases by 5 times.

Changing the routine, even if you think you have never had such a thing, you find out that the procedure is long and requires perseverance. Any changes to diet and lifestyle in the beginning cause displeasure and discomfort. But in 10 days instead of the discomfort you feel lightness and joy and you will be in a good mood! To facilitate the process of transition to a new mode, you need to plan your day and repeat actions in time, this way it is easier to cope with the routine.

Many patients with Alzheimer's disease have turned out not only to nullify the progress of the disease, but also to improve their health, appearance, and even look younger! Love yourself and take care of themselves you like it!

My relative has

Alzheimer's -

what shall I do?

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Relatives of patients are more prone to anxiety than patients themselves. Despite the rather alarming symptoms, Alzheimer's disease is possible and necessary to be restrained. Your relatives especially now need your help, and to provide it, you need to stay calm.

Consult the doctor and collect information - an essential step in this situation. Specify all features of this disease; be sure to consult on the regime, nutrition and way of life of the patient.

Regime. Follow the doctor's instructions. And try to do everything in time.

Remember, only the last stage is fatal. Most patients manage to slow down the disease.

Track lifestyle, diet and exercise of your relatives. The more you pay attention to the initial stage, the better the chances for a successful fight against the disease.

Be patient and try to show as much love as possible. Some stages of Alzheimer's are accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. And only your love and your patience will help your relatives to cope with the disease.

Help your parents and grandparents to get acquainted with new technologies

I do not want to get

Alzheimer's –

what shall I do?

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In any of the cases the best treatment is prevention.

Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disease, which is the result of brain atrophy and reduction of its activity. Significant influence on the manifestation of the disease has a state of the nervous system and body as a whole.

The recommendations presented below, contribute not only to the complete exclusion of the possibility of the development of neurodegenerative diseases, but are also excellent prevention of many other diseases.

1. The nervous system.

The science has long been convinced that the recovery of the nervous system is not possible. But the recent studies say the opposite - nervous system can and should be maintained and restored. The rhythm of modern life is not always possible to give yourself plenty of time, so we offer the most effective options that do not require a lot of time.

In the east, there is one practice - people go to a secluded place for a minimum of 1 day or for a week or a month. During this time, the person remains completely silent. According to those who have tried this type of holiday, the first time they were very uncomfortable, swirling thoughts in the head, the desire to constantly run somewhere, but then the peace of mind and a sense of renewal, of lightness came. Dedicate one day for you to put in order the feelings, thoughts, emotions. If your work is connected with people, stress, tension, try to make it not less than 1 time in 2 weeks. Do not worry that you will lose 1 day. You give it to yourself as a gift. As a result, your performance will increase together with your mood and health.

Pleasant emotions. In Buddhist culture there is a saying "Happiness and sorrow are bad. Good is just calmness". Many people do not agree with this statement, because happiness is so beautiful. But Buddhists talk about something else - that the very strong emotions harm the nervous system. Therefore we need positive emotions. Camping, walk around the city, cycling, communication with children, play with puppies, swimming altogether are great pleasant emotions. Dancing in a nightclub is fun, but not the best option to restore the nervous system.

Yoga. Yoga classes are 2 in 1, relaxation and physical activity. It is great to practice yoga in the morning, it guarantees the perfect mood.

Sleep. The only thing, on what is not worth saving under any circumstances. Your body needs strong, healthy and restful sleep. What should be the duration of sleep? Doctors recommend 8 hours but with the right mode, you may be sufficient and less time. The main thing is to try to go to bed earlier and get up earlier.

Emotional intellect. The development of emotional intelligence will allow you to not just hold back and do not respond in a conflict situation, but to understand the most complex part of themselves - your emotions and the emotions of others. A conflict arises when people do not understand either themselves or the opponent. The understanding will allow you to find solutions to difficult situations without unnecessary emotions. This will have a positive impact not only on your nervous system, but also on your life in general.

Just 5 recommendations, simple and easy, will help you forget about the many diseases and become happier.

2. Active Life.

Sport is the best prevention of many diseases. Besides the obvious advantages - beautiful body, perfect health, sports activities it stimulate the brain work, enriching it with oxygen cells.

Which sport is better? Choose one you like. Training must make you happy!

To relieve stress the better one is swimming. Running does the complex effect on the body.

3. Health nutrition.

Regular and balanced food, enriched with vitamins and minerals are a great way to success. Choosing the nutrition, be sure to consult a nutritionist, and pay attention to the products which can cause allergy.

4. Exercise for the brain.

Human brain works as follows: each part is responsible for specific functions and operates independently and simultaneously in constant interaction with others.

Brain cortex is responsible for memory, consciousness and the ability to learn.

The right hemisphere is responsible for creativity, the ability to react to non-speech sounds, processing nonverbal information (symbols, images), and versatility (ability to simultaneously perform multiple operations), face recognition, spatial orientation, emotion, sex, dreams, religion and other "not literal" things. The question "what if ..?" is given by the right hemisphere.

The left hemisphere is responsible for: controlling speech, memorization of facts, the analytical data processing, logic, analysis, controlling the right half of the body, and long-term data. And it is the left hemisphere which perceives the information literally.

It should be noted that the functions are not rigidly fixed to the individual parts of the brain, the result is based on a combination of the functions of all the units.

The brain is capable of producing in a tone natural nutrients and restore neurons and dendrites. Simply put, as well as our physical body, the brain needs a workout to keep youth and livelihoods.

So, what to do and how to train the brain?

The best tool is a foreign language. Despite the fact that foreign languages are referred to humanities, foreign languages involve your brain as much as possible, including jobs for different parts of the brain - the grammar, visual perception, sound, etc.

5. Complex.

It should be exactly 20 days of repetition for women and 40 days for men to gain a habit. The best results can be achieved if you perform the actions on the regular basis. If you take the studies on specific topics, you will find that all the doctors say one thing: the meal must be at the same time, sleep should be at the same time, etc.

Only 2 things - a complex and regime.