The particular interest is attracted by the researches aimed at the effect of the intellectual activity including foreign language study on the cerebration.

Rush University Medical Centre and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2007 found out that constant intellectual stimulation can help to prevent Alzheimer’s and aging consequences.

At the Swedish Armed Forces Interpreter Academy the researchers used medicine and cognitive science students at Umeå University -- students who also study hard, but not languages.

Both groups were given MRI scans before and after a three-month period of intensive study. While the brain structure of the control group remained unchanged, specific parts of the brain of the language students grew.

The parts that developed in size were the hippocampus, a deep-lying brain structure that is involved in learning new material and spatial navigation, and three areas in the cerebral cortex.

Earlier in 2004 neurophysiologists in London conducted the research and analyzed peculiarities of perception, intellectual activity and brain structure subject to the quantity of foreign languages which the focus group members knew.

They determined that knowing two or more languages has bigger influence on the brain capacity than 1 language.

At the same time in 2010 Israel scientists approved that Arabic language study influence other language speakers than Arabs, making the brain working better. Thus the maximum effect can be achieved with the help of the following:

- by the learning of the foreign language;

- by the learning the language with the opposite structure.

The main criterion at the language choice is its linguistic structure and the writing system of the language. For example, the perfect decision for the representatives of Indo-European languages will be Arabic, Japanese, Korean or Chinese languages.

Since 2003 at the Centre of Eastern Development and Culture

we conduct researches on the influence of the foreign language study

on the psychological and intellectual development of the person.

We found out that among Eastern group of the languages it is the Japanese language that influences the most due to its peculiarities including three types (2 alphabets and hieroglyphs). Should be mentioned that classical course of the language could not be considered to be effective enough for AD cure.

The results of the conducted researches served as the basis for the creation of the experimental method for AD prevention and cure.

The method includes:




used for the stimulation

of different parts of the brain.


The series of recovering, stimulating methods aimed at:

Stimulation of the mental and intellectual activity of the children.

Rehabilitation of the children with special needs.

Prevention and cure of the neurodegenerative diseases, including AD.

The story behind

This method was created 10 years ago and tested till today.

First we were searching for the cure for children with disabilities. We were greatly impressed with the results - intelligence level increased by 57%, memory – 48%, motor functions – 34%, etc.

Such great results were achieved due to active stimulation of the sense organs, brain activity and emotions. This brought to the improvement of psychological and physical conditions of the participants.

After data comparison of these results with the achievements in the sphere of AD cure & prevention we came to the conclusion that this method can be used for the neurodegenerative diseases. Right now we are convinced that this method is increasingly effective in prevention as well as believe in future we can use it for cure.

The results of the research are reflected in the special game tools, aimed at:


improvement of the

brain abilities.


of the reaction

and motoric functions.

Restoration of the nervous system

and stimulation of the recovery

of the dendrites and neurons.

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The principles of brain functioning are identical the way our muscles work. To stay fit our brain as our muscles needs regular training, special nutrition and fresh air.

To prevent Alzheimer’s our brain needs not just training but the complex, aimed at all its parts.

One of the main brain functions being destructed by Alzheimer’s is the function of long-time memory. Ranged by increasing difficulty ISMART complex strengthens mechanisms of long-time memory from inside.

To prevent Alzheimer’s it is also necessary to use both hemispheres. Left hemisphere is responsible for the logic, analysis, critical thinking, as well as Broca's center responsible for speech. Functions of the right hemisphere include creative thinking, imagination and emotional processes as feelings and emotional reactions. The right hemisphere is also responsible for synthetic thinking, ability to generalize, to find similarities. The left one helps to find the opposites.

To active emotional sectors there are additional activities in the method, which stir up happiness, interest, excitement and other emotions which stimulate brain activity.

Additional aspect for activation of the two hemispheres are motor function the more it is developed the better the brain is.

Thus this method includes all activities to train the brain in a complex and activates emotional receptors. The complex is an effective prevention means and includes 4 ways of perception: visual, verbal, kinesthetic, discrete.

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This complex includes three components:

1. Neuro plasticity – it is the ability of the brain to regenerate by creation of new neuron bonds. When you are solving a special task, the brain automatically activates its reserves, contributing to the recovery of the cells.

2. Influence on cognitive functions – memory, attention, perception and mind. These are the function affected first at Alzheimer’s.

3. Emotions.

There are two groups of emotions: passive and active. Passive – boredom, sadness, apathy, etc. They affect our body in a bad way. Active (sthenic) emotions act in the opposite way. With positive emotions a person can do tasks in a more qualitative way, he feels more energy and is more cheerful. Positive emotions also help blood vessels to extend and stimulate brain. A person becomes more creative, generates new ideas, he thinks and analyses faster.

In this complex there are the following emotions:

Happiness is a very strong stimulus, which gives rise to satisfaction, brain activity and creativity. Creativity is connected to one more emotion – interest. Together they guarantee high level of productivity.

Amazement. This emotion is caused by a new event, for the brain it is a strong impression from the new task. Amazement is considered to be the emotion which is responsible for nervous system channel clearing, preparing the brain for new information. Thus the level of effectiveness of mind activity rises as the brain wants to study the event which caused the amazement.

Excitement is the emotion towards the situation, a person or an object and it is the strongest emotion influencing the brain making it work u to the result and activating both hemispheres.

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If you are 20 or younger, one training (20-30 minutes) per week is enough.

From 21 to 35 – it is necessary to train 2-3 times per week.

35 and older – regular everyday training is necessary (15-20 minutes per day).

ISMART games are ranged according to the difficulty and levels. You start with the easiest one and when you master it, you will switch to the next level.

The level of difficulty should be always raised up step by step.

The results of the research

Research showed that in 2 weeks of everyday training the increase of the main rates reached 27% (men) and 23% women at the age of 45-50 years. Most people underline the significant increase of the ability to concentrate and improvement of the memory, as well as the ability to solve tasks easier.

The complex is created the way to make the training process easy, exciting, effective and time saving.

Regular exercise let you be in a great intellectual shape and prevent Alzheimer’s.

APCO continues the research in the sphere of Alzheimer’s prevention and cure. APCO set a goal to find treatment till 2030.

Memory, attention, perception, thinking

concentration, intellect, memory capacity, focus

motor functions, response rate, mind, long-term memory


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